“First time here. This is the kind of vet place I was looking for. I almost wanted to keep them for myself but that would have been selfish. The vet is awesome, I have never seen such a humble, knowledgeable vet. My dog loved him and I do too. The prices are reasonable for Bay Area. The staff is very helpful and welcoming. I just loved it.This is my go to vet from now on!”
-Chris S., Google

“Both Dr. Buttar and his staff were friendly, thorough, and helpful. He explained the options, and then put a few stitches in, finishing earlier than promised and right on the estimate.”
-Happy C., Yelp

“This vet is just great. My dog was so sick. Vet diagnosed the problem and treated my dog. Within a day, he started feeling better. Now he is back to his normal happy self. Also the facility is very nice and clean. And they are paperless!

-Lisa F., Google

“I’m so glad I found this place. They really took care of my dog when she came in. Diagnosed her in a quick, painless fashion. My partner said they were talkative, listened to details and engaged in conversation. My dog is showing signs of improvement and we have El Cerrito Veterinary Care to thank! I’ll never go back to my other vet, who basically sent us away with a hot spot spray and told us there was nothing wrong with her. I cannot thank the Dr. and staff enough, you have a forever fur patient!”
-Elena F., Yelp

“Fast, patient, and caring. I truly appreciated their help on short notice with my cat.”
-Elliott C., Yelp

“Thank you all for your answers to my question. I will definitely be going to see this veterinary clinic. I have been going to evergreen pet clinic in San Pablo and they just paid their bills and do unnecessary tests and diagnostics that aren’t even necessary including today.”
-Sue P., Yelp

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